Recording memories

24.02.1874 - 18.01.1956
President of the Republic of Estonia Konstantin Päts 24.02.1874 – 18.01.1956


Creator, keep Estonia
and forgive us our mistakes
Creator, Protection of Estonia
Estonia, Estonia, you are my country
Estonia, Estonia, you are deep in my heart
I’m going to rest with you
my holy Estonia

But, unfortunately, everyone has not
been given this luck, let her rest in an
Estonian hut.
Creator, forgive us our mistakes!
Creator, teach us to forgive each other!


Tallinn City Council – feedback is also arrived

To the Foreign Affairs, 12.09.2018.

Public discussion about the new monument to President Päts (in Estonian language)

President Päts as the symbol of friendship between two nations (Article ”Linnalehes” in Russian language)

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Veniamin Kulla

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