About the compiler

Henn Latt was born 4/28/1941 in Tallinn. The first 10 years of his life, he lived and finished his first two school grades in the village of Tammik, which was previously called Salla, currently in the Rakke Parish in Lääne Virumaa. Up until graduating 7th grade, he was raised in the Saksi Orphanage in Tapa Parish. After that, he studied in Tallinn National/Corporate Technical School of Trade and Commerce, and graduated in the year of 1959. After military service, he worked in the KGB until 1980. In 1973, he graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tartu National University (distant studies). He has worked in Tallinn in the field of national/corporate trade and commerce, as well as in the education and party systems. Starting in 1990, he was intermittently involved in
small enterprise, and periodically also as an independent contractor. He retired in 2002. He has 3 children in the family, as well as 7 grandchildren.

In 1986, he was forced to look for work outside of Tallinn and Harju District due to falling under personal criticism by Karl Vaino, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Estonia Central Committee, in his speech at the Central Committee plenum of ideology. In October of 1988, he traveled to Russia to look for explanations to President Päts’ destiny, while working as a purveyor of Triigi and Simuna Kolkhoz in Rakvere District. Today, Päts’ burial site in the old overgrown cemetery in Burashevo has been fixed up, and a small museum has been set up for him in the local high school, as well as friendly connections were established with Tver and Burashevo. Film clips of all of these activities have been kept in the Film Archive and a handwritten album in Estonian language has been given to the History Museum. All expenses related to these activities were mainly paid for by private individuals.

At Henn Latt’s childhood location in Tammik stands the manor that belonged to Päts family, which burned after the war, and later was used for Kolkhoz office quarters. Today, it has found use as a small nursing home. The manor was meant to be a place for the Päts family to retire. However, destiny had different plans, and our president was buried far away in the country of Russia at an unmarked location. Thanks to the National Heritage Society, his remains have been moved and re-buried at Metsakalmistu in 1990.

Peace to all the ones who have passed.

Kurtna Village, Saku Parish